Exciting News!

Hello everyone, and welcome to the official Storm in a Teacup blog!

Just to start off by apologising for the radio silence, but I’ve got a bit of exciting news… I’m getting married!


Since getting engaged a couple of months ago I’ve been lost in a blur of wedding planning so the business has taken a bit of a backseat.  But I’m excited to announce that it’s very much in the front seat again, and this past week has really kicked everything up a gear (sorry, I got onto a bit of a roll with the car metaphors, it won’t happen again!).

After months of tweaking and planning, the website finally went live on Friday.  Mel (my lovely social media bod) and I got a bit excited and may have thrown ourselves a tiny launch party, complete with a ribbon cutting and champagne- hey, any excuse right?


After much hype and excitement we finally hit publish…


…waited patiently…




…cut the ribbon…


…and realised there was a problem with the layout of the site.

Lego computer.gif

Thankfully, it was only a minor problem, so it was quickly rectified, and the merriment resumed.



So, a very exciting day at Storm HQ and I’m looking forward to many more ahead.  Come join us for the ride.  We’ve got cake. 😉

Exciting News!